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25.06.2015 Review: Joint INCENSe / FINESCE workshop
17.06.2015 Special Session on Event-based Energy Metering and Control at EBCCSP 2015 in Krakow, Poland
27.04.2015 Review: FINESCE Open Day Trial Site Malmö
20.04.2015 Flexible Electrical Networks FEN - 3. Low-voltage workshop
27.03.2015 Review: FINESCE at the Net Futures 2015

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Review: FINESCE Final Conference "Utility 4.0"

On the 15th and 16th of September 2015 the FINESCE Final Conference took place. Under the heading “Utility 4.0” around 100 representatives from the energy and the ICT industry, from the research and the public sector met at the EIT Digital Node Berlin to discuss about how Future Internet components enable the Smart Energy system of tomorrow.

Review: Joint INCENSe / FINESCE workshop
25.6.2015 How to integrate FIWARE GEs

INCENSe and FINESCE organized a joint workshop for developers of start-up companies from the field of smart energy supporting them in their work with FIWARE.

Special Session on Event-based Energy Metering and Control at EBCCSP 2015 in Krakow, Poland

At the first International Conference on Event-Based Control, Communicatoon and Signal Processing (ECBCSP 2015) there will be one Special Session on Event-based Energy Metering and Control co-organized by Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB), Teamware Srl and Politecnico di Torino.

Review: FINESCE Open Day Trial Site Malmö

The FINESCE Open Day at the Malmö Trial Site offered first hand insight into the development of a variety of Smart City appliacations as well as relevant information for entrepreneurs and start-ups regarding the possibilities of receiving support and participating in the FIWARE Accelerator Programme.

Flexible Electrical Networks FEN - 3. Low-voltage workshop

At the 3rd LV workshop you will get informed about the new platform and how to become part of the consortium.

Review: FINESCE at the Net Futures 2015

As part of a joint FIWARE booth, FINESCE attended the Net Futures 2015 and presented a new idea for a shared European ICT platform for developing and testing Smart Energy applications.

Review: Open Day Trial Site Terni

At the open Day in Terni, organized by the local utility ASM Terni, many SMEs and entrepreneurs came to Terni/Italy to get informed about the progress of the FINESCE trial site in Terni, about funding possibilities within the INCENSE project, the future of the FIWARE platform and upcoming projects in the energy sector.

New FIWARE Lab & FIWARE Ops videos available
Be informed about the possibilites made available by FIWARE

Learn about how to get the best out of FIWAREs network architecture, on the opportunities for start-ups and about the FIWARE lab federation

Review: E-world energy & water - Essen, Germany

The FINESCE-team attended the E-World energy & water 2015 to present the opportunities of the FINESCE platform for smart energy application development.

Open Call focused on CleanTech is open until 15th of January 2015
Apply Now!

You have an idea for an application waiting to be implemented in the field of Smart Energy or Clean Tech? Join the INCENSe open call!

Review: Open Day Trial Site Horsens/DK - Stenderup & Horsens / Denmark

At the Open Day in Horsens and Stenderup, participants had the opportunity to visit the 20 families taking part in the Insero Living Lab. Furthermore, SMEs and entrepreneurs interested in the FIWARE Accelerator Programme pitched their business ideas for the upcoming Open Calls

Review: IEEE PES ISGT Europe 2014 - Istanbul, Turkey

At the 5th Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference, Mikhail Simonov from the Italian research and innovation centre ISMB held a presentation on the "Coarse grained cycle-accurate method".

Surprising energy scores in International living lab project
First Results in Insero Live Lab

The first results in Insero Live Lab, which is part of the FINESCE project, are now starting to show. An energy consultant has evaluated the effect of the new energy technologies on the participating homes – the results are both surprising and encouraging.

Experiences from a living laboratory
This year, we look forward to winter

In an Interview conducted by Insero, a family shared some of their experiences of the demonstration project Live Lab - which is part of the European FINESCE project.

The FI-WARE Accelerator Programme
Grand Opening at the ECFI in Munich

Starting this September, sixteen start-up accelerators from all over Europe reach out to European entrepreneurs to distribute a total of 80 Mio. € of FI-PPP funding.

FINESCE welcomes the Open Call winners
Ten new partners in the FINESCE project

FINESCE welcomes the ten Open Call winners as new partners. Read their short profiles and get informed about their ideas and projects.

Review: Student Case Competition
10.-12.6.2014 - Aachen, Germany

In the Student Case Competition eleven interdisciplinary teams from different European universities developed exciting ideas for new Business Models related to services in the field of "ConnectedEnergy”.

New Issue of "FI-WARE Snacks" - Out now!

In this issue you will find information on Smart Cities, Future Internet Accelerators, FI-Lab, FI-Obs, Smart Taxi, FoodLoop and much more...

1st ECFI - Advanced ICT for Smart Energy
FINESCE is right now implementing Future Internet technologies at trial sites in 7 European countries

At the 1st European Conference on the Future Internet (ECFI), the FINESCE Trial Sites are, for the first time, present demonstrations to the larger public on how they are implementing Future Internet technology to make the energy sector ‘Smarter’.

March Issue of the "Future Internet News" - Out now!
Horsens trial on smart prosumers

Read the full length feature for the FI-PPP newsletter on the Horsens trial site, including the interview with Andy Drysdale, CEO of Insero Business Services

Installation of first solar wells at Horsens Trial Site
Insero Live Lab installs solar wells

Horsens, Denmark, March 2014: As part of the FINESCE project, some of the first solar wells in Denmark are now being installed in the Insero Live Lab.

Trial sites open their doors

Madrid, 10. March 2014: FINESCE trial sites in seven European countries are hosting Open Days.

Open Call - no update available, yet!

We are still waiting for the results.

FINESCE trial site Denmark - Grand Opening
Grand opening of the Insero Live Lab

25.01.2014, Stenderup, Denmark: Nearly 200 people came to see the E-cars kicked off that the Horsens Trial Site!

News from the Horsens Trial Site - Insero Live Lab!

Danish premiere of hybrid heat pump.

Congratulations Stenderup - Village of the Year 2013.

Insero Live Lab, the Horsens Trial Site wins the competition in the Municipality of Hedensted.

FINESCE at the FUSECO FORUM 2013 in Berlin, today!

FI-PPP Workshop: "Status Quo and Outlook on PhaseIII"

Panel on benefits for SME from FI-PPP/FINESCE at ICT 2013

The FINESCE consortium is organising the panel "FI-PPP FINESCE: How the Energy sector is innovating using the Future Internet" on November 8th at the ICT 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

FINESCE Innovation community at LinkedIn

Get into an innovation network within the Smart Energy sector

FINESCE Innovation Events finished - for now!

5 cities - 5 events - more than 150 SMEs

FINESCE at FI-PPP Future Internet News, September 2013

Future Internet News informs about the activities and results of the FI-PPP programme.

FINESCE at FI-PPP Open Call Information Day

Brussels, 25 September 2013: The Open Call information day held on 25th September at the University Foundation gained a strong interest.

9th SGSG Meeting in Berlin

Berlin, 27 September 2013: This years' 9th Smart Grid Stakeholder Group Meeting informed interested parties about the FINESCE trial sites and ongoing Open Call process.

Launch Event for the FINESCE Trial Site in Terni
17.9.2013 - Terni, Italy

Terni, 17 September 2013: The FINESCE Trial Site Launch Event was accompanied by representatives of the local press.

First FINESCE Open Call started

16 September 2013: The first FINESCE Open Call invites businesses, entrepreneurs and SME’s to join our FINESCE innovation events and to benefit from the opportunities of the emerging Smart Energy Market.

FINESCE attends XIFI Security workshop

Waterford, 27 August 2013: Members of the FINESCE WP5 team successfully participated in a XIFI workshop.

Successful 8th SGSG Meeting
First-time hosted by FINESCE

Salzburg, 13 May 2013: The 8th Smart Grid Stakeholder Meeting (SGSG), first time hosted by FINESCE and co-located with the Austrian Smart Grids Week resulted in an active high level discussion.

Videoblog from FIA 2013 in Dublin
More than 30 short video statements online

Dublin, 10 May 2013: During 3 days FIA 2013, held on 8th, 9th and 10th May in Dublin, the FINESCE video team catched lots of impressions from speakers and paricipants.

FINESCE Brochure out now!

Learn how the FINESCE trial sites utilised FIWARE and built a joint Smart Energy Platform. Get your free download of the brochure here!

Review: FINESCE at the POWER-Gen EUROPE 2015 & Renwable Energy World Europe 2015

FINESCE was present at the POWER-GEN EUROPE 2015 and the Renewable Energy World 2015 presenting the Smart Energy Platform for developing new energy applications and services.

Join the FEN Initiative!

The FEN consortium will continue the work of FINESCE and maintain, enhance and improve the FINESCE Smart Energy Platform