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Surprising energy scores in International living lab project

The first results in Insero Live Lab, which is part of the FINESCE project, are now starting to show. An energy consultant has evaluated the effect of the new energy technologies on the participating homes – the results are both surprising and encouraging.

The first results in Insero Live Lab – the Danish trial of the FINESCE project - show a significant improvement in the energy labels of the participating homes. The majority of the homes have received the label ‘A’ after having been equipped with the latest energy technologies. This is a surprise to energy consultant Torben Bartnik, who conducted the energy reports. 

I have inspected the majority of the homes in Insero Live Lab, and the overall conclusion is that the performance scale has improved with several steps. When looking at the age of many of the homes, it is impressive that they can get such a high label as seen here,
says Torben Bartnik.

According to Torben Bartnik, there are many factors that affect the evaluation of the energy labels:

The energy labels are based on the quality of the insulation, windows, doors, ventilation, and the heating installation in the building. In these homes, the heating supply has been replaced with alternative energy sources – this shift has clearly had a significant impact on the impressive labels,
he explains. 

High scores lead to higher house prices

The new energy technologies have not only resulted in improved energy labels for the participating homes in the project. Real estate agent Gitte Holbech visited one of the homes in the project to find out if the improved energy label has resulted in an increased value.

If the house was put up for sale before these improvements, the sales price would have been approx. DKK 1.4 million, and then a significant reduction would be expected. As the house is today, I would estimate it to approx. DKK 1.5 million, and only a small reduction should be expected since there would be fewer comments on the state of the house,

explains Gitte Holbech. The house she inspected went from a class C to a class A. 
The impressive energy labels in the project are also a surprise to her – especially considering the age of many of the houses, where some were built back in 1907.

I have never seen a house of this age with such a high energy label. Actually, if a new house is a class B, I consider that to be good, so this improvement is very positive and unexpected – there is almost no room for improvement. Generally, I have experienced a relation between the house prices and the energy labels – also in respect to the demand. It is my experience that houses with bad labels are generally harder to sell,
explains Gitte Holbech. 

Surprising and positive results

A total of 20 houses in Insero Live Lab have been upgraded with the latest energy technologies, such as heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, and sun wells. The objective is to test the mutual interaction of the technologies as well as the users’ experiences with the technologies. Furthermore, the coherence of the technologies with the entire energy system is tested in an area outside the collective district heating.

In the beginning of the project, it wasn’t a goal in itself to improve the home energy labels, but we expected the upgrade with new energy technologies to have a positive effect. However, it is a surprise that the scores are so high. And it is amazing for the families that the upgrades also have had a positive effect on the value of their homes,
explains Steen Kramer, Chief Specialist in Insero Energy.