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17.06.2015 Special Session on Event-based Energy Metering and Control at EBCCSP 2015 in Krakow, Poland
27.04.2015 Review: FINESCE Open Day Trial Site Malmö
20.04.2015 Flexible Electrical Networks FEN - 3. Low-voltage workshop
27.03.2015 Review: FINESCE at the Net Futures 2015

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E-Car Grid integration & Smart Grid Communication - Trial Site Ireland

Future Internet : Electricity in Action

Topics TRIAL I: Electric Vehicle- Grid integration trial locations in Galway using WiMAX, and Waterford & Wexford using LTE. Control systems in Waterford
TRIAL II: Smart Grid Communications using OPST, based in Dublin and Portlaoise
Lead partner / 
Contact information
John Howard, e-mail:

  • Two smart energy trials both based in Ireland
  • Eight Partners
  • Approximately € 4.5m funding
  • Trial I – EV Grid Integration
  • Trial II – Smart Grid IP communications
In the Irish EV trial, we have designed and are building an electrical vehicle charging system including EVs, charge-points, communications networks, a control system and control algorithms using generic enablers and domain specific enablers. A planned further development of the trial next year is the integration of this system with DSO demand response management systems. This distribution network aspects is the focus of the Open Call.


  • Electric Vehicle integration into the grid
  • Develop charging optimisation systems using Generic and Domain Specific Enablers
  • Use WiMAX and LTE access technologies
  • Large scale modelling
  • Provide answers to key issues:
    • Will EVs be integral to the grid ?
    • How will GEs be deployed ?
    • What communications technology to use ?
    • Economic impact ?
  • Distribution Network Integration - Open Call

TRIAL I - Architecture



  • Advanced IP based smart grid communications
  • Utilities slow to adopt IP:
    • Electrical protection
    • Cyber security threats
    • Legacy systems
  • Impact:
    • Missed IP economic of scale
    • Lack of innovation
    • Hybrid solutions
  • End of life issues
  • Use fully optical network – reduce opto-electric transitions
  • Achieve greater determinism
  • FI-Ware Generic Enabler to provide management security  layer
  • Test network parameters
  • Trial future orientated and legacy electrical systems

 TRIAL II - Overview


TRIAL II - Architecture

TRIAL SITE PARTNERS - Main technical role


Take a look at the FINESCE trial site in Ireland

Further information: 

The Consolidated Trial Description represents the first public deliverable in the FINESCE project. It gives an overview of the infrastructures being used for the FINESCE field trials.