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Madrid, 10. March 2014: FINESCE trial sites in seven European countries are hosting Open Days.

At the events, FINESCE will present first results of the project, offer an insight to the business opportunities that arise when the ICT and energy sector team up to develop the smart energy system of the future and inform SMEs how they can become part of the EC’s funding scheme of 80 million euros.
FINESCE is proving the practical applicability of Future Internet technologies in the energy area at seven trial sites across Europe that deal with real end-users. The FINESCE trial sites are covering key elements of a future energy system, like smart customers and smart buildings, electric vehicles including load balance service to the electricity grid, an electronic energy marketplace and a cross-border Virtual Power Plant in combination with a Smart factory with flexible energy consumption. 
Between March 2014 and March 2015, FINESCE is hosting a series of Open Days at the trial sites in Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Ireland and Germany. The aim of those events is to present first results of the project, to provide examples for a successful implementation of applications and services based on open APIs and offer the participants a platform with the relevant energy stakeholders to expand their business network. Furthermore, the event informs SMEs developing IT solutions of their funding possibilities to come up in the FI-PPP programme’s phase 3, as the EC will support the utilisation of its FI-WARE standard internet components with altogether 80 million euros.
The FI PPP programme supports the development of innovative Future Internet technologies for smart infrastructures, business processes, services and applications in Europe. The technology foundation, an open cloud-based infrastructure based on reusable key technology enablers called Generic Enablers, is part of the programme and developed by the project FI-WARE. FI-PPP is part of the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and receives funding by the EC.

Dates of the FINESCE Open Days in 2014:

  • 10. March 2014 Madrid, Spain  
  • 12. June 2014  Aachen, Germany
  • 22. September 2014 Portlaoise, Ireland
  • 2. December 2015 Hedensted, Denmark
  • January 2015, Malmö, Sweden
  • May 2015 Terni, Italy
 For further information and upcoming events: