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FINESCE Open Call for new partners

The FINESCE Open Call was closed on 13th November 2013!

The first FINESCE Open Call, launched on 16th September 2013, invites businesses, entrepreneurs and SME’s to join our FINESCE innovation events and to benefit from the opportunities of the emerging Smart Energy Market.

The FINESCE project, currently active as a Seventh Framework programme project in the Future Internet-PPP of the European Community for research, technological development and demonstration activities, contributing to the creation of the European research area and to innovation(2007-2013), requires the participation of new partners  to carry out certain tasks within the project.

The objective of FINESCE is to transform energy infrastructures towards smart energy systems by trialling communications network enabled applications using common functionality provided by the FI-WARE project, developing novel service layer enhancements encapsulated in the FINESCE-API, and by enabling the development of innovation opportunities for ICT and utility actors, as well as in the community, providing new services.  

The FINESCE project has reserved a portion of the project budget to fund specific tasks to be carried out in two call areas, as follows by partners and start-ups established in an EU member state or FP 7 associated state:

Open Call Area 1 –To support the consortium by undertaking investigations of the proposers own creative ideas for dissemination and promotion of energy related services and applications, based on FI-WARE functionality and the FINESCE trial topics, with the work being undertaken in close collaboration with one of our trial sites and partners.  Funding of a minimum of 50.000 Euro will be provided to each of the SME’s selected for these tasks. A maximum of 5 organisations will be selected for funding.

Open Call Area 2 – To support the consortium by undertaking R & D work on one of the tasks listed below, as new beneficiaries joining the consortium for the second year of the project. Funding of 1,038,600 Euro is available for tasks in this area.

The exact distribution of the total funding budget of 1,288,600 Euro across the two areas will be defined depending on the proposals received.


Finesce invites SME companies to undertake undertaking investigations of the proposers own creative ideas for disseminating and promoting energy related services and applications, based on FI-WARE functionality and the FINESCE trial topics, with the work being undertaken in close collaboration with one of our trial sites and partners.  

FINESCE ( operates 7 trial sites and 4 areas of work relevant to the proposals for Open Call Area 1:

  • We are working with smart customers, prosumers and smart buildings in Malmö (Sweden), Horsens (Denmark) and Madrid (Spain), developing energy management systems, Virtual Power Plants and integrating renewable energy sources for local use in the energy networks,
  • In Dublin (Ireland), we focus on the integration of electric vehicles, maximizing the use of renewable energy sources for charging, into the power infrastructure, and they will support general consumer and grid related investigations in the area of smart energy,
  • In Köln and Aachen (Germany), we are developing a cross-border Virtual Power Plant in combination with a smart factory that is flexible in its energy consumption and acts as a network load, and
  • In Terni (Italy), we are developing a local electronic marketplace enabling the local actors of a smart energy system to trade their energy capacity reducing transmission losses in the energy network.

Proposals may address the dissemination and promotion of new services, applications, apps, concepts, prototype or demonstrations based on FI-WARE functionality and related to FINESCE trial topics.  Examples of the issues which participants could address include sensors, data analysis, education and serious games promoting smart energy usage.   Proposals must investigate and report on business models and strategies for developing a profitable service or product based on their work in the context of the FINESCE project work. Proposals must describe how close collaboration with one of the FINESCE trial sites and partners will be implemented.  This point is particularly relevant for SME’s not based in the country in which the trial site is located.  Each start-up selected for funding will be required to attend one or two European FINESCE project meetings, which are held once a quarter, presenting their work and preferably showing a demonstration of a prototype service or product.

A maximum budget of 250.000 € will be assigned to a maximum of 5 selected enterprises for this purpose, to be executed from beginning in March 2014 before March 2015, and most of the work if not all could well be completed by September 2015. The duration of the work can be defined to suit the proposed work topic.  The participating SME’s will work closely with one of the leading companies of the FINESCE trial sites. They are planned to become full project partners.


The Area 2 of the FINESCE Open Call addresses organisations interested to join the existing consortium by undertaking R & D work on one of the tasks listed below, as new beneficiaries (full partners) for the second year of the project.  Applications from SME organisations would be particularly welcome.

Total European Commission funding of 1,288,600 € is available to the selected new beneficiaries, to undertake the set of tasks listed below.  Applicants may choose to submit proposals addressing one or more of the tasks listed. The work must be performed between March 2014 and February 2015 (12 months).  We expect a minimum contribution for each new partner of 9 person-months effort. Please note that the Seventh Framework Programme offers part-funding and not full-funding of research activities. Please see the European Commission website for details of funding rates and eligible costs at , and  .

The proposal shall address one or more of the following activities, utilising the functionality available from the FI-WARE Generic Enablers (see , and

  1. To expand the scope of the field trial locations in FINESCE by adding new topics and trial sites, developing synergies with the FINESCE and FI-PPP goals,
  2. To develop a visualisation of the energy consumption within the trial factory in Aachen and the energy production of the distributed energy resource (DER) in the FINESCE trial in Belgium or Germany, with a user-friendly GUI,
  3. To create an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system that will exploit the capabilities of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) utilising the DLMS/COSEM protocol suite. An innovative, reliable, scalable and secure solution, based on open standards to facilitate the exchange of near-real-time electricity metering data. The system will be setup on the FI-WARE cloud computing infrastructure and will be integrated with the Terni trial site.
  4. To develop a management system for the energy distribution network used in the FINESCE field trial in Ireland, which will interact with an Electric Vehicle (EV) charge-point management system.  
  5. To develop a serious game to contribute to the dissemination of the FINESCE results presenting scenarios based on the data collected FINESCE trials

Five "FINESCE innovation days” have been organised to meet our partners at the FINESCE trial site locations and to get detailed information and support regarding our Open Call, as follows:


General information regarding the call

Identifier: FINESCE: Open Call for new partners
Project: FINESCE: Future Internet Smart Utility Services
Acronym: FINESCE
Grant agreement number: 604677
Publication date: 16th September 2013
Submission deadline: Wednesday 13 November 2013 at 17h00 (Brussels local time).
Expected duration of participation: Start 1 March 2014 for up to 12 months
Total EC funding available: up to € 1,288,600
Language in which the proposal must be submitted: English
Submission must be made electronically to:    
with the subject "FINESCE: Open Call for additional beneficiaries"
Paper submissions will not be accepted.  
For current information and further updates please regularly check this page! 

For questions regarding the call, please email to

Proceeding & Downloads:

  1. Submission guidlines for applicants (PDF, 190KB, as of 26/09/2013)
  2. Pre-registration  (closed!)
  3. FINESCE template for Part A of proposal (PDF form, 78KB, as of 28/09/2013)
  4. FINESCE template for part B of proposal (DOC, 107KB, as of 26/09/2013)
  5. FINESCE form for "Non Exclusion Declaration” (PDF, 16KB)
  6. Presentation FINESCE Open Call information, Brussels, 25 September 2013 (PDF, 344KB)
  8. FINESCE Grant Agreement
  9. Integrated Projects Consortium Agreement – IPCA for FINESCE


Personal contact information:

Karina Nees-Maric +49 172 82050422,
Dr. Fiona Williams +49 172 2434132