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Review: FINESCE Open Day Trial Site Ireland

22.9.2014, Portlaoise, Ireland

At the Open Day at the ESB Training Centre in Portlaoise, Ireland, SMEs and entrepreneurs interested in the FIWARE Accelerator Programme got informed about the upcoming open calls and the opportunities of collaborating with the FINESCE trial site.
FINESCE is organising six Open Days at the trial sites across Europe to offer interested parties an insight into what has been accomplished in FINESCE in the last one and a half years.
On the 22nd of September, the FINESCE partners in charge of the Ireland trial site invited local and European SMEs to their training centre in Portlaoise to inform themselves and get to know the FINESCE team as well as representatives from the FIWARE Accelerator Programme. At the Trial Site in Ireland, FINESCE is conducting two individual trials focusing on E-Car integration & Smart Grid Communications.
Much of the focus of this third FINESCE Open Day was on the FIWARE Acclerator Programme. The European Commission is funding the development of innovative internet applications and services based on FIWARE technology with 80 million Euros. SMEs and web-entrepreneurs can apply for funding through the open calls of the 16 accelerator projects, five of which a supporting innovations in the energy area. Alexander von Jagwitz (B.A.U.M. Consult) gave the participants a short introduction into this programme as well as a general idea of what FIWARE is all about.
Fiona Williams (Ericsson) continued to present the work of the other FINESCE trial sites, this time with a focus on Horsens. At the Horsens Trial Site, 20 family homes in the village of Stenderup have been equipped with the newest ICT and energy technology. Furthermore, as FINESCE project coordinator, she encouraged the present SMEs and young entrepreneurs to get in contact with the representatives from the FINESCE trial sites to receive support in applying for funding in the FIWARE Accelerator Programme. Participants of the Open Day were also able to meet Adrian Ferrero from INCENSe, one of the FIWARE accelerators supporting innovations in the energy area. INCENSe will launch their first open call on the 15th of October, 2014.
Before heading back to Dublin, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Training substation for a demonstration of the electric vehicle charging optimization system.
Download the presentations of the event below:

Impressions from the Open Day in Portlaoise

Find out more about the FINESCE trial site in Ireland.


 Time Item 
 11:00Assemble at ESB 27 Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2, for bus to Portlaoise. 
 12:30Light Lunch 
 13:00WelcomeJohn Howard, ESB
Innovation in ESB Networks
Opportunities for SMEs
John Byrne ESB (Head of Smart Networks)
The FIWARE accelerator programme (80 EUR Mio funding):
  • Driving ICT innovation in Europe
  • How to participate
Alexander von Jagwitz, B.A.U.M. Consult
Smart Energy and the FIWARE Accelerator programme:
  • How to join the INCENSe Open Call
Adrian Ferrero
 14:15 Coffee Break and Networking 
  • Utilisation of FIWARE in 7 European Smart Energy trials
Fiona Williams, Ericsson
Interface for SMEs to get access to FINESCE applications
The Irish FINESCE trial part 1
  • E-Car grid integration
 15:20The Irish FINESCE trial part 2
  • Induction and PPE
  •  Move to Burnwood 38kV Training substation for demos.
 18:00 Bus Leaves ESB Portlaoise for ESB HO Dublin 

 Watch the trial site video!

Organiser: ESB on behalf of the FINESCE consortium