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Review: FINESCE Open Day Trial Site Aachen

12.6.2014, Aachen, Germany

The FINESCE Open Day in Aachen presented the trial site in Aachen, the Smart Factory. The Open Day was hosted by FIR e.V. at RWTH Aachen and brought together stakeholders from the ICT and energy sector to get informed about the third phase of the European innovation programme "Future Internet Public Private Partnership”(FI-PPP) and about the interim results of the FINESCE project.

FINESCE is proving the practicability of Future Internet technologies in the energy area at seven trial sites across Europe dealing with real end-users. The participants of the open day received first-hand information on business opportunities for SMEs and on how they can become part of the EC’s funding scheme of 80 million euros.

Fiona Williams presented the scope of the FINESCE project and the current status of its trial sites. Peter Fatelnig from the European Commission depicted the funding opportunities of the 3rd phase of the FI-PPP programme and Adrián Ferrero gave insights into the phase 3 project INCENSe (Internet CleantechEnablers Spark). FI-WARE was presented by Luigi Briguglio from the view of a user of the offered services. Before the guided tour through the Smart Factory, the winning teams of the Student Case Competition, organized by FIR e.V. at RWTH Aachen and Ericsson, were honored and presented their business cases for Future Internet applications.

The FINESCE trial sites are covering key elements of the future energy system. The trial site in Aachen combines a cross border Virtual Power Plant (VPP), based on renewable energy sources (RES) with the Demand-Side Management (DSM) of an intelligent scale factory. The focus of the trial site is balancing the energy between the smart factory and the virtual power plant in a business to business (B2B) electricity eco-system. At the open day, the Virtual Power Plant was demonstrated by a model of an energy landscape, where the user was able to manage the grid.

The next FINESCE Open Day will take place in Portlaoise, Ireland, on 22nd of September.

Further Information:
Presentations to download:
Accelerating the use of FI-Ware with SMEs and web-entrepreneurs - Peter Fatelnig

FI-WARE Ecosystem - Luigi Briguglio

INCENSe -Internet Cleantech Enablers Spark - Adrián Ferrero

FINODEX - MiguelGarcía

Impressions of the Open Day in Madrid:

Peter Fatelnig presents the third phase of the FI-PPP programme

Insights into the Smart Factory

A model of the Smart Factory

The final teams of the Student Case competition

Award ceremony of the Student Case Competition with the winning team  


Introduction to the FI-PPP 

Learn how the European Commission fosters ICT innovation through the Future Internet

Introduction and welcomingFiona Williams

Presentation of FI-PPP Phase IIIPeter Fatelnig 
Coffee break 
Opportunities in Phase III of FI-PPP 

Hear about the coaching and funding on offer to SMEs from the accelerator projects starting this summer

Presentation INSENSeAdrián Ferrero

Presentation Speed Up Europetbc.

Presentation FINODEXMiguel Garciá
Lunch break 
Lessons learned from FINESCE 

Learn how we used the Future Internet to foster innovation and integration

Presentation of FINESCEFiona Williams

Award Ceremony of Student CompetitionDr. Matthias Deindl
  Expand your business network
99 Seconds
Take 99 secs to introduce yourself and your company to the audience

Networking Tables with Coffee
Discuss the opportunities on how to get involved with phase III
Visit of the trial site
See how we use the Future Internet to produce elctric cars in a new factory

Organiser: FIR e.V. at RWTH Aachen on behalf of the FINESCE consortium